Enjoy Innovative Technology in Your 2019 Audi A4

2019 Audi A4

New and exciting technology surrounds drivers when they are behind the wheel of the 2019 Audi A4. For instance, the A4 shares Audi’s Virtual Cockpit concept with the rest of the automaker’s lineup. By using a 12.3-inch capacitive instrument display, the operator can customize the cockpit display. The screen combines Google Earth with Audi tech to provide the driver with a comprehensive view of an area to the street level. Surrounding the display, the operator can add more traditional displays like a speedometer and a tachometer to receive information on speed and engine conditions. Using the same technology, operators can add audio information from the infotainment system as well as positional information from the navigation/GPS system. The possibilities are amazing.

Audi’s use of technology extends to an industry first, the ability to customize a second screen using handwriting. The automaker’s MMI enables the operator to custom tailor the 8.3-inch with the exact information needed by writing across the screen with a fingertip. There is a more traditional interface available, as well.

The powerful technology package also enables Audi’s Pre sense package. With this package, the A4’s sensor suite continually scans the area around the vehicle watching for pedestrians, vehicles, and other potential obstacles. If it senses something isn’t right, the technology suite can use active emergency braking at speeds up to 52 mph. The same package also watches the cruise control for safer performance.

Another technology feature is the Audi A4’s standard Rear Cross Traffic Assist. Using devices such as a rearview camera and other backing sensors, the A4 monitors the area to the rear so that drivers can be assured they are backing up safely. The technology is so sensitive that is can also detect pedestrians cutting across the path of the A4.  If it does sense a pedestrian, the A4 brakes to a stop quickly and surely.

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