Get Your Audi Ready For Winter Weather Driving in Michigan

Mid-Michigan winter driving

Winter driving is arriving to areas of the U.S. this week. What better time to prepare your Audi for Michigan winter storms that are just around the corner.  These easy-to-do items can be the key for a successful winter driving season: 

Check the tread on your tires. Good tires deliver the best traction during snowy/icy conditions. If your tires are worn, let our service experts at Thelen Audi in Bay City, Michigan install a new set for you. We are currently running a special offering $100 off a set of four select tires in our inventory.  This money-saving deal ends on October 12, 2019. 

Air up your tires. Low tires can be extremely hazardous on icy roads. Make sure you check the air pressure in your tires periodically through the winter to ensure they are at the manufacturer recommended pressure. 

Top off your antifreeze and other fluids.  Ensure you have the proper antifreeze mixture recommended for your car to prevent fluid from freezing and damaging your radiator. Now is the time to also ensure your windshield washer reservoir is full so visibility is not a problem during sloppy conditions. Check the condition of your oil and make sure you are using the proper weight for your engine. Fluids are crucial for optimum operation of your Audi

Prepare a winter emergency kit. This kit can be the key to comfort and survival in case of a breakdown or slide off.  Pack a bag or small box with long-lasting food items (granola bars, etc), water, a flashlight, batteries, phone charger, jumper cables, and warm clothing. 

Examine your battery. Cold weather can be tough on your battery. Ensure that the battery posts are clean and terminals are making good contact.  If your battery has seen a few winter seasons, it might be time to replace it to ensure you can get to your destination. Our service center at Thelen Audi can replace your battery for you and have you back on the road in no time. 

Make sure your heater works properly. There are many parts that work together to make sure you have a warm passenger cabin. Check to make sure your thermostat is working properly, radiator is full, and climate controls are working. Winter months can be brutal with no heat. 

This winter preparation list gets you started. Make sure your Audi is ready for winter with a full inspection at Thelen Audi in Bay City. Click here to schedule your appointment today!