Be Sure to Inspect a PreOwned Vehicle Before Purchase

2016 Audi A5

Buying a used Audi shouldn’t have to be a headache, if you take the right steps during the purchasing process!  Whether you’re deciding to buy an Audi from a person you know (or don’t know), or through a dealership, it is extremely important to inspect under the hood.  Since the engine is a very important part of the vehicle, a well taken care of engine will benefit you.  If the person or dealership has a record or paperwork showing the maintenance records of the vehicle, check to be sure it’s been kept up with oil changes and other scheduled maintenance.  A vehicle should be taken in specific intervals for an oil change, depending on the make and model, or damage can be done to the engine.

The timing belt is another aspect of a vehicle that is important and should be inspected.  Or, you should see if there are records if it’s ever been changed, depending on the mileage.  You should also visually inspect hoses and other visible areas that could show leaks or wear, as those could turn into more expensive fixes later.  Lastly, utilize your nose when checking under the hood!  If you can smell burnt oil, that could indicate a leak or a larger problem. 

At Thelen Audi in Bay City, MI we have a great selection of gently used Audi vehicles that have been carefully inspected to ensure that it’s up to standard.  However, you are welcome to check over any part of one of our Audi vehicles to see what you think and ask questions.  Stop in today to look at what we have available and even take a test drive to find your perfect Audi