Audi Vehicles Feature Innovative MMI Touch Response System

Audi MMI Response System

Audi is a leading brand for luxury vehicle offerings.  The range of Audi models includes sedans, crossovers, and SUVs with an amazing variety of features.  One helpful system is the MMI Touch Response System.  This system relies on the touch of your finger and the sound of your voice to control features!  The Audi Virtual Cockpit provides you with space for two driver selectable modes so you get to choose the content that is highlighted. This allows you to keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road.  Your navigation system can be displayed right in front of you with clear step-by-step directions.  The MMI Touch Response System will allow you to fully personalize your driver settings so every time you climb into the driver seat, it is fine tuned to you. 

The gorgeous infotainment interface uses haptic feedback for the quickest reaction to your touch.  Easily touch the screen to adjust your comfort level in the climate settings or put in a different address for your navigation system.  This system is extremely intuitive – it reacts to swipes, pinches, taps, and writing just like your smart phone!  Another important feature is the natural voice recognition.  You no longer have to speak like a robot – you can speak and enunciate how you talk to others and your Audi will know what you are saying.  Use your voice to make a phone call, find the closest hotel, adjust the cabin climate, or even ask where you went yesterday, and your Audi vehicle will answer.  Speak your mind and use shorthand phrases with no hesitation.   

Here at Thelen Audi in Bay City, Michigan we offer a large inventory of beautiful luxury Audi vehicles with the impressive MMI Touch Response System for you to choose from.  Make an appointment today to come in and choose your perfect sedan, crossover, or SUV!