Signs That Your Audi’s Battery Might Need to Be Replaced by Audi Bay City

Staying On Top of Your Audi Vehicle’s Battery Health

Your Audi’s battery is vital to the overall performance of your luxury vehicle. As such, you should always be vigilant in keeping your battery’s health in mind. An older or otherwise faulty battery will make starting the vehicle or operating all the various electrical systems on your vehicle harder, and also greatly increase the likelihood of it failing while on the go. Audi Bay City is ready to help you test and replace your vehicle’s battery if you are concerned about the state of its health. Look out for the following warning signs to know if you need to schedule an appointment with us today!

Warning Signs of a Dying Battery

Battery Age – Much like any other aspect of a vehicle, performance and reliability will start to degrade through repeated use. As such, there will inevitably be a time when the sheer amount of use requires continual monitoring to ensure peak performance. If you have not replaced your vehicle’s battery in the past couple of years, then it might be time to visit our Service Center and have our technicians test it out. It may also be a great idea to replace the battery, even if performance hasn’t been noticeably reduced.

Longer Vehicle Startup & Function Times – If you have recently noticed that your vehicle isn’t starting up as quickly as it once did, this could be a telltale sign that your battery is struggling to stay at peak performance. You might also notice the vehicle’s AC struggling to keep the vehicle cool in summer. Schedule an appointment today if you notice these issues and let us test out your battery’s strength. 

Random Electrical System Failures – While cruising around mid-Michigan, if you notice that lights on your dashboard start to flicker or you have reduced illumination from your headlights, these might be signs that your battery is on the verge of failing. This can also happen if you notice that your entertainment system randomly cuts out while on the road. If any of these things happen while out and about, make a call to our Service Center and let us immediately replace your battery to get you back on the road safely. 

(Photo Credit: Pexels)