Visit Audi Bay City & Get Your Audi Ready to Tackle Colder Weather in Mid-Michigan

Colder Weather Preparation - Audi Bay City

Get Your Audi Ready for Colder Weather with Audi Bay City

Fall has arrived in mid-Michigan, and winter is just around the corner. As such, your premium Audi needs to be able to effortlessly transition from the warm summer weather to the quickly cooling temperatures of the current season. At Audi Bay City, we are ready to help get your vehicle prepared for the colder weather. Mid-Michigan Audi owners trust our Service Center with their premier vehicles because we get both routine maintenance and more extensive service done right the first time for consistent satisfaction. 

Services to Consider for Colder Weather in Mid-Michigan

Fluid Changes – From oil to brake fluid, having the various fluids in your vehicle checked before the cold weather hits is a good idea. Our service technicians will be happy to check levels of fluids such as transmission fluid and antifreeze to ensure they are suitably topped off for the season. If you need your vehicle’s oil changed, we only use brand-recommended oil in your vehicle for peak performance and longevity. 

Battery Checkup – Your Audi will need plenty of power to fuel various interior components such as the heater and heated functionality in your seats. This is in addition to the existing electrical mediums you already use like the infotainment system, as well as everyday vehicle operations. A damaged or older battery runs the risk of failing under the increased strain that cold weather brings. When you bring in your Audi for an appointment, let us test your battery to see if it will be capable of handling the upcoming winter with confidence. 

Tires – The tires your Audi is equipped with are your way to ensure optimal handling when the roads start getting covered with snow and ice. If you haven’t had them checked recently for tread depth and overall health, let our service staff evaluate them for you. We are happy to recommend a set of tires that maximize the grip your Audi will have on slippery roads. Considering a set of special winter tires that feature unique tread depth and designs for maximum snow displacement is highly encouraged as well for optimal winter weather driving. 

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