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Know When to Purchase a New Set of Tires - Audi Bay City

Know When It’s Time to Purchase a New Set of Tires

Your tires are vital to the overall handling and ride smoothness you experience while driving around in your Audi. If they are starting to become old or have other signs of wear, you will begin to notice the ride becomes uneven or your handling starts to wane. If either of these is the case, it might be time to consider a new set of tires. Audi Bay City is happy to provide you with a set of tires that you will enjoy and feel confident driving on all over mid-Michigan in any season. If you are uncertain if you need a new set of tires, our trained technicians will be happy to supply advice and do a thorough evaluation of your current set.

When Should You Consider New Tires?

Age-Related Reasons – Tires are not meant to be driven on for extremely long periods of time. After several years, they will start hardening and cracking. This happens even to well-maintained tires eventually. If you haven’t changed your tires after two or three years, it might be worth considering a new set. Our staff will be happy to advise you on this depending on what we find in our evaluation. 

Tread Wear – Without sufficient tread depth, your tires will struggle to grip whatever driving surface you find yourself on. If you have noticed that your tires lack defined grooves or are bald in certain spots, those are telltale signs that you should have your tires replaced. Contact us immediately at (989) 922-7218 if you require an appointment as soon as possible. 

Visible Damage РAnother important indicator to get a new set of tires installed is when you can see clear signs of damage. Cracking, peeling, and foreign objects lodged in the tires are all reasons to immediately contact us for an appointment. Our technicians will be able to quickly assess the situation and supply the appropriate set to meet your needs. 

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