Safe Winter Driving Tips in Mid-Michigan from Audi Bay City

Winter Driving Tips from Audi Bay City

Driving in Snowy Weather in Michigan Doesn’t Have to Be Challenging

We are reaching the time of the year in the Great Lakes Bay Region when our roads will become more frequently covered by slippery snow and ice. As such, we know that these less-than-ideal driving conditions can be daunting for even the most experienced Michigan driver. However, Audi Bay City wants to help you make sure you’re as confident as you can be when tackling these road conditions. We would like to share with you our favorite tips to safely navigate winter roads in mid-Michigan. If you would like assistance getting your Audi prepared for the colder weather conditions, our Service Center staff can work on your vehicle to get it ready for your upcoming travels. 

How to Make Winter Driving in Michigan a Safer Experience 

Winter Tires Can Make a Difference – If you haven’t had winter tires equipped on your Audi before, we highly recommend considering purchasing a set. These are specially designed to improve the overall handling capability of your Audi when the roads are covered with snow and ice. This is done through the deeper and differently designed tread pattern, the softer rubber compound, and special notches that improve grip on ice. Our team will be happy to help you find a great set of winter tires for your Audi if you are interested!

Stay Slow & Give Yourself Extra Time – One of the worst things you can do when trying to drive on slippery winter roads is to rush. The slower you can drive in general, the more response time you have to prevent slippage or any sort of potential situation. Therefore, try and plan your travels to make sure you’re giving yourself extra time to arrive at your destination. This will also help you prevent thinking you need to drive faster. 

Make Any Movements Gradual to Prevent Spinning – Sudden turns or sudden acceleration greatly increase your likelihood of a spin happening on slippery roads. Therefore, make sure everything you do is as gradual as possible to maximize safety. When you’re accelerating from a standstill, don’t mash down on the gas pedal. Instead, slowly get yourself up to speed. When it comes time to make a merge or turn, plan the movement ahead of time and make a gradual movement. This will help your tires maintain their grip for longer and prevent the chances of spinning out. 

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