The Importance of Having the Climate Control System in Your Audi Serviced

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Let Audi Bay City Get Your Climate Control System Serviced

With the warmer weather we starting to experience in Central Michigan and hotter days to come as we approach summer, the climate control system in your Audi needs to be prepared to handle an increased workload. The technicians at the Audi Bay City Service Center are here to make sure your vehicle is properly cared for to achieve peak cooling efficiency throughout the hot days. Why should you take the time to have a dedicated service appointment on your vehicle’s HVAC system done? With all the cooling that you’ll need as we get through late spring and the summer, a thoroughly inspected system will easily keep you and your family comfortable even when the temperature and humidity hit exceptionally high levels. 

How Does Audi Bay City Help Get Your Climate Control System Ready?

Air Filter Replacement – A clean cabin air filter helps your vehicle’s climate control system in more ways than one. Firstly, better airflow allows the system to work more efficiently to get the cabin cooled down to the proper temperature. Additionally, it also more easily picks up airborne debris such as dust and pollen to keep the air quality inside the Audi as pristine as possible. Our team will be happy to install a filter that is made to work with your vehicle’s specific climate control system. 

Refrigerant Check & Refill – Even with a fully functioning system, not having enough refrigerant in your system will result in the inability to get your cabin sufficiently cool. If you have already started to notice that your vehicle is failing to keep up with the rising temperatures of spring, it might be a sign that our team should conduct a check of the system to ensure there is no leak. We will also make sure it is topped off so that you can confidently remain cool all summer long. 

Battery Test/Replacement – Associated with the climate control system as well as a multitude of other areas of your Audi, we highly recommend a battery test and/or replacement to go along with all the direct servicing of the system. A new battery will ensure your climate control system functions at its peak all year long and is a great step to take if you haven’t had your battery serviced in a while.