Engine Sounds to Listen Out For While Driving Your Audi Around Mid-Michigan

Audi Servicing

Be Attentive for Abnormal Engine Sounds from Your Audi

While out and about in mid-Michigan, your Audi puts in the work to make your journeys as enjoyable as possible. However, you should also always be listening for abnormal noises that could emanate from your engine. This could mean that something is going wrong with your engine that needs to be looked at as soon as possible. If you have been hearing strange noises, don’t delay scheduling an appointment with Audi Bay City. Our Service Center technicians will be happy to diagnose and fix whatever the situation might be.¬†

Examples of Noises to Be Concerned About

Knocking During Acceleration РIf you hear this while pressing down on the gas pedal, you might be concerned about either worn-out rod shafts or a poor air-fuel mixture going through your engine. Either of these can cause long-term damage or complete engine failure if not addressed promptly. 

Continual Clicking – This distinct sound could be a result of low oil levels in your Audi. If you start hearing these audible clicks, make sure to check your vehicle’s oil levels at the next safe opportunity. Low levels mean an appointment to top them off is required for safe driving around mid-Michigan. If you notice levels are in the appropriate range, then our technicians will need to look for another issue. 

High-Pitched Squealing on Start-Up – Unmistakable by nature, this sound is often a loose or worn-out serpentine belt. You may also hear this during acceleration. Continuing to drive with this sound is not only annoying but could also cause significant damage to the engine. Either way, our technicians will be happy to look at the belt during your appointment and either tighten it if the belt is still good or supply a quality replacement if required.