Know When to Bring Your Audi in for Battery Replacement Service in Mid-Michigan

Car Battery Testing

The Importance of Replacing Your Audi Battery

With all the performance and interior amenities that your family’s Audi has to offer during your everyday travels, the vehicle’s battery has to work hard to keep everything running properly. Therefore, knowing when it is time to have your battery checked or replaced is vital to maintaining a healthy and well-functioning Audi in mid-Michigan. Audi Bay City is happy to provide a battery check and/or replacement for our Great Lakes Bay Region customers who are concerned that their battery might be failing. Besides a clear dashboard light showing a potential battery issue, we would like to share additional things to be looking or listening for that might suggest a replacement is due. 

Signs Your Vehicle’s Battery Might Need to Be Replaced

Age-Related Issues – Even if your battery appears to be handling everything well, an older one can quickly develop problems maintaining a charge or just outright quit working. Audi Bay City suggests that if you haven’t been in for a battery evaluation or replacement in the past several years that you do so as soon as possible. We can check the overall health of your battery and suggest the best course of action based on our findings. 

Sights & Smells – A failing battery can emit a powerful sulfuric odor in certain cases. If you notice this while cruising in Michigan, please contact us immediately to schedule a battery replacement. Visual clues such as denting or corrosion at the terminals are clear indicators that your battery will need to be changed out before it stops working. 

Inconsistent Power to Various Vehicle Areas – Whether it’s headlights flickering, your multimedia system randomly cutting out, or a long time getting your vehicle started in the morning, these are all signs that the battery is struggling to supply proper power to your vehicle. Before the battery quits altogether, make an appointment with Audi Bay City to get the battery changed immediately. 

(Photo Credit: Pexels)